Historic Los Angeles Homes

Then & Now

John G. Bullock House, 1906

The John G. Bullock House, 1906, by Sumner P. Hunt & A. Wesley Eager, Architects. It was originally built for businessman William Lacy at the corner of Wilshire & Vermont (then a quiet boulevard of grand residences). As Wilshire Boulevard developed, the home was spared demolition and moved to its current location in Windsor Square in 1925. It was then purchased by the Bullock family.

Wilshire Park, 1917

This 1917 Colonial Revival in the Wilshire Park HPOZ celebrates it's 100th birthday in July.  The architect of record, Mrs. Ella Squires, is a bit of a mystery (her husband owned a real estate company), but a female architect was rare for the time.  The house has been lovingly restored and the massive black oak tree in the backyard, possibly planted by Mrs. Squires herself, remains and is protected by the City, as is the residence.

Wilton Historic District

This 1908 Classical Revival in the Wilton Historic District still has its fluted columns, only the garden looks more modern.  The architect is unknown, but Lewis Stone, the famous stage and screen star, lived here in the 1920's.  Stone was a contract player for MGM for 29 years, a record for any artist to one studio.

Lewis Stones house 1920s

The Buck House

Not much has changed since this photo was taken in 1995 by Carol Westwood other than auto design. The Buck House by Rudolf Schindler, 1934, is located near LACMA and is Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 122.

R.E. Ibbetson House, 1889 - West Adams Blvd.

At the time the vintage photo was taken in 1980, the Victorian residence was owned by Douglas Carlton, an engineer and preservationist who was director of "Keep Old Los Angeles", which he claimed help save the Wiltern and other significant LA Landmarks. He ran for mayor twice, bolstered by a group called FAT (Frustrated Angry Taxpayers). He financed one of his runs with the sale of this house.

The Heim House

The Heim House, built in 1887, in a photo from 1980 and today. One of the iconic Victorian residences on Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights. Once the home of Ferdinand Heim, a brewer who owned several saloons in Los Angeles. Continue to swipe to see interesting advertisements from 1901 - 1903 for "help wanted" / "for rent" at the address - imagine this house leasing for $35 today! There's even a "reward offered" for return of diamonds.

The Heim house

The Beck House

A rare warehouse conversion in Hermosa Beach. Note the ESS at right of vintage photo, that was the name of the circuit board manufacturer that owned the building up until 1999. The current owner re-designed as an artistic / loft-like single family residence. It's now zoned single family, so don't get any wild ideas about manufacturing, but certainly you may conceive the next big tech start-up here.